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American Council of the Blind Lauds Accessible Prescription Drug Labeling Law (continued)

Description of the Legislation:  Under the Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act, representatives of the blind and aging communities along with pharmacies and the U.S. Access Board will convene a working group. This group will establish best practices for pharmacies to ensure that people who are blind or visually impaired have access to prescription drug labeling. The group’s recommendations would provide guidance to pharmacists on actions they can take to ensure that the blind or visually impaired understand the information on their prescription and to enable independent access to that information. The guidelines will provide pharmacies a range of options they can choose to offer consumers. Many of these options are low-cost, widely available, and compatible with equipment already in pharmacies.

After pharmacies have had the opportunity to adopt the guidelines, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) will review the degree to which pharmacies are in compliance. They will examine whether the blind or visually impaired still lack safe and independent access to prescription drug labeling and issue a report to Congress on the remaining gaps and the scope of the problem.

Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act

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In-Person Training

The Pacific ADA Center provides individually-tailored training and consultation on all aspects of the ADA, including:

  • Comparison of the 2010 ADA Accessibility Standards and State Building Codes for architects and other construction professionals (fulfills California Architects Board disability access CEUs)
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  • Understanding ADA basics for small businesses
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  • Emergency Management and Preparedness - Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities Webinar Series sponsored by the Pacific ADA Center and supported by the Great Lakes ADA Center.  This free webinar series will address key strategies and approaches toward emergency management and preparedness and the inclusion of people with disabilities.

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  • Accessible Technology Webinar Series sponsored by the Pacific ADA and the Great Lakes ADA Centers, is designed to increase awareness on technology accessibility for people with disabilities. Electronic information and communications technology have become essential tools in all areas of our lives and working environments today, and are particularly important to people with disabilities by providing equal access to the workplace and social media.

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  • AccessibilityOnline: US Access Board Training

    AccessibilityOnline represents a collaborative training program between the ADA National Network and the US Access Board. The program includes a series of free webinars and audio conferences on different topics of accessibility. Sessions are held on a monthly basis and cover a variety of topics concerning accessibility to the built environment, information and communication technologies, and transportation.

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      Designed for individuals who have a working knowledge of the ADA and are familiar with its basic elements. Sessions are intended to support continued learning and focus on the knowledge that has been gained since the implementation of the law in terms of how the federal agencies and the courts are interpreting the law and subsequent regulations.

    • Disability Law Lowdown Podcast

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ADA Basic Building Blocks Webcourse

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Accommodating People with Cognitive Disabilities

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Federal Court Concepts Training Module

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