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Poorly Designed State and Local Government Websites Might Violate Federal Rules

In the Internet age, making government accessible does not just mean improving handicap entrances to public buildings and polling places - although those things are certainly vital, too.

As more state and local government services move into the digital space, it has become increasingly important that services provided on the web are accessible to each and every citizen that might need them.

But the Internet is a very different place for people with disabilities. Those with vision, hearing, or even physical impairments interact with the web in different ways, but that does not mean they aren't out there surfing.

Some Internet users who are blind, have low vision, limited vision or have a visual impairment, for instance, employ assistive technologies like screen readers - tools that convert all text and images on a given page to the spoken word, often read at lightening speeds that sighted web users might initially find unintelligible.